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CIIA 2015 Accepted Papers
Computational Intelligence
7 Rajib Ghosh. A Novel Approach of Feature Extraction for Online Character Recognition in Bengali and Devanagari Scripts
68 Izem Hamouchene and Saliha Aouat. A new rotation-invariant approach for texture analysis
75 Fatima Bekaddour and Mohammed Amine Chikh. IHBA: An Improved Homogeneity-Based Algorithm for medical data classification
216 Youcef Djenouri and Zineb Habbas. An improved Hybrid Bees Swarm Optimization and Tabu Search Algorithm For Rules Mining Discovery
240 Sidi Ahmed Mahmoudi and Pierre Manneback. Multi-CPU/Multi-GPU based Framework for Multimedia Processing
250 Nawel Zemmal and Nabiha Azizi. A Computer Aided Diagnosis System for Breast Abnormalities Based on Transductive Scheme and Genetic Algorithm
51 Zianou Ahmed Seghir. Full-reference image quality assessment measure based on color distortion
200 Lydia Nahla Driff, Lamia Berkani, Ahmed Guessoum and Abdellah Bendjahel. Social Validation of Solutions in the Context of Online Communities - An Expertise-Based Learning Approach
175 Mohamed Fezari, Wassila Abadi and Ali Al-Dahoud. Human Computer Interface system Based on vowels : An Experimental Study
4 Tahar Mehenni. Multiple Guide Trees in a Tabu Search Algorithm for the Multiple Sequence Alignment Problem
61 Mahi Habib, Farhi Nezha and Labed Kaouter. Remotely Sensed Data Clustering using K-Harmonic Means Algorithm and Cluster Validity Index
71 Ahlem Melouah. Comparison of automatic seed generation methods for breast tumor detection using region growing technique
136 Benouis Mohamed, Tlmseani Redwan, Benkkadour Mohamed Kamel Mohamed Kamel and Senouci Mohamed. A Novel technique for Human face recognition using fractal code and bi-dimensional subspace
193 Zakaria Abd El Moiz Dahi, Chaker Mezioud and Amer Draa. Binary Bat Algorithm : On The Effeciency of Mapping Functions When Handling Binary Problems Using Swarm-based Metaheuristics
31 Djamel Eddine Boukhari. Lossless Image Medical Compression Based on Mojette Transform Using DWT
89 Ahlem Kourid and Batouche Mohamed. A Novel Approach for Feature Selection Based on MapReduce for Biomarker Discovery
97 Said Layadi, Jean-Michel Ilié, Ilham Kitouni and Djamel-Eddine Saidouni. Relative Timed Model for Coordinated Multi Agent Systems
189 Zoubida Leila, Adjoudj Réda and Feraoun Mohammed Kamel. Biometric Multimodal: Face and Iris based Authentification System.
232 Mostefa Bendjima and Mohamed Feham. Architecture of an MAS-based intell
Security & Network Technologies
116 Imen Brahmi, Hanen Brahmi and Sadok Ben Yahia. A Multi-agents Intrusion Detection System Using Ontology and Clustering Techniques
74 Brahim Farou, Hamid Seridi and Herman Akdag. Improved Parameters Updating Algorithm for the Detection of Moving Objects
130 Benkrinah Sabra and Benslama Malek. PN code acquisition Using Adaptive Thresholding CFAR based on automatic censoring in serial double-dwell DS-SS Systems with smart antennas
17 Abdelkader Khelil and Rachid Beghdad. Distributed Algorithm for Coverage and Connectivity in Wireless Sensor Networks
103 Chifaa Tabet Hellel, Mohamed Lehsaini and Herve Guyennet. A Version of LEACH Adapted to the Lognormal Shadowing Model
161 Kheireddine Mekkaoui, Rahmoun Abdellatif and Gianluigi Ferrari. Genetic Centralized Dynamic Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks
20 Nabila Labraoui, Mourad Gueroui and Larbi Sekhri. On-Off Attacks Mitigation against Trust Systems in
54 Amine Dahane, Nassreddine Berrached and Abdelhamid Loukil. Balanced and Safe Weighted Clustering Algorithm for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
122 Chafik Arar, Mohamed Salah Khireddine, Abdelouahab Belazoui and Randa Meguellati. An energy-efficient fault-tolerant scheduling algorithm based on variable data fragmentation
84 Omar Boudraa and Tahar Ziouel. Region-Edge Cooperation for Image Segmentation using Game Theory
96 Khedidja Medani, Maklouf Aliouat and Zibouda Aliouat. High Velocity Aware Clocks Synchronization Approach in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
157 Mehdi Rouan Serik and Mejdi Kaddour. Optimizing Deployment Cost in Camera-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
223 Mohamed Belaoued and Smaine Mazouzi. A Real-Time PE-Malware Detection System Based on CHI-Square Test and PE-File Features.
183 Khobzaoui Abdelkader, Mesfioui Mhamed, Yousfate Abderrahmane and Bensaber Boucif Amar. On Copulas-based Classification Method for intrusion detection
251 Moulay Driss Mechaoui, Nadir Guetmi and Abdessamad Imine. Towards Real-Time Co-Authoring of Linked-Data on the Web
Information Technology
70 Houda Oufaida, Omar Nouali and Philippe Blache. Using distributed word representations and mRMR discriminant analysis for multilingual text summarization
120 Mohamed Seghir Hadj Ameur, Youcef Moulahoum and Ahmed Guessoum. Restoration of Arabic Diacritics Using a Multilevel Statistical Model
213 Tahar Ziouel, Derbal Amieur Khalissa and Kamel Boukhalfa. SOLAP On-the-Fly Generalization Approach Based on Spatial Hierarchical Structures
77 Saida Ishak Boushaki, Nadjet Kamel and Omar Bendjeghaba. Improved Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Document Clustering
237 Marcin Gorawski and Krzysztof Pasterak. Research and Analysis of the Stream Materialized Aggregate List
100 Mohamed Kharrat, Anis Jedidi and Faiez Gargouri. Defining Semantic relationships to capitalize content of multimedia Resources
182 Boudia Mohamed Amine, Hamou Reda Mohamed, Abdelmalek Amine, Mohamed Elhadi Rahmani and Amine Rahmani. A new multi-layered approach for automatic text summaries based on social spiders
86 Amina Cherouana and Latifa Mahdaoui. Supporting Legal Requirements in the Design of Public Processes
141 Amara Korba Mohamed Cherif, Messadeg Djemil and Borouba Houcine. Noise Robust features based on MVA post-processing
154 Hugo Lewi Hammer, Anis Yazidi, Aleksander Bai and Paal Engelstad. Building domain specific sentiment lexicons combining information from many sentiment lexicons and a domain specific corpus
16 Sahraoui Kharroubi, Youcef Dahmani and Omar Nouali. A hybrid model to improve filtering systems
36 Amal Halfaoui, Hadjila Fethallah and Didi Fedoua. QoS-aware Web services Selection based on Fuzzy Dominance
45 Mustapha Bourahla. Exact Reasoning over Imprecise Ontologies
69 Moussa Benaissa and Abderrahmane Khiat. A New Operator for Combining the Similarity Values in Ontology Alignment
88 Chahrazed Mediani, Marie-Hélène Abel and Mahieddine Djoudi. Towards a recommendation system for the learner from a semantic model of knowledge in a collaborative environment
106 Hanane Zitouni, Omar Nouali and Souhem Meshoul. Toward a New Recommender System Based on Multi-Criteria Hybrid Information Filtering
147 Mohamed Lamine Chouder, Rachid Chalal and Waffa Setra. Requirement analysis in data warehouses to support external information
179 Waffa Setra, Rachid Chalal and Mohamed Lamine Chouder. Engineering the Requirements of Data Warehouses: A Comparative Study of Goal-oriented Approaches
92 Said Gadri and Abdelouahab Moussaoui. Arabic Texts Categorization: Features Selection Based on the Extraction of Words Roots
Software Engineering
206 Ahmed Kheldoun, Kamel Barkaoui, Jiafeng Zhang and Malika Ioualalen. A high level net for modeling and analysis reconfigurable discrete event control systems
11 Samy Sadi and Belabbas Yagoubi. On the Optimum Checkpointing Interval Selection for Variable Size Checkpoint Dumps
113 Pragya Jain, Anita Goel and S.C. Gupta. Monitoring checklist for Ceph object storage infrastructure
194 Mokdad Arous, Jean-Michel Ilie and Djamel Eddine Saidouni. Towards an Integrated Specification and Analysis of Functional and Temporal properties. Part II : Performance Aspect Verification
224 Boukhelfa Kamel and Faiza Belala. Towards a Formalization of Real-Time Patterns-Based Designs
245 Houda Tadjer and Djamel Meslati. an Approach for integrate Aspects in the Agile Development
127 Maddeh Mohamed and Sarah Ayouni. Extracting and modeling design defects using gradual rules and UML profile
146 Fouzia Anguel, Abelkrim Amirat and Nora Bounour. Hybrid approach for metamodel and model co-evolution
207 Youcef Djenouri and Malika Mehdi. Data reordering for minimizing threads divergence in GPU-based evaluating association rules

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