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Faculty de Technologie


A welcome service will be available for attendees (foreigners) at the International Airport Ahmed Ben Bella, Oran (http://www.egsaoran.com/) the day of May 19, 2015. Shuttles will be available (Free of Charge) to ensure transportation of attendees to and from Ahmed Ben Bella international airport. The duration of the trip is around 45 min.

Visa Information

Visa requirements are different according to each country. Visitors to Algeria must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months before the planned departure date to Algeria.Visitors from most countries require to obtain visas.

Letter of Invitation

If you need a Letter of Invitation to apply for a visa to attend the Conference, please send the following information to conference.ciia@gmail

  1. Your name as it appears in your passport
  2. Your position
  3. Your affiliation/organization

The letter will be sent to you by email in PDF format within 7 working days after receiving the request with sufficient information. If the printed copy is required, please specify your address to receive the letter.

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CIIA 2015
20-21 mai 2015

Université Taher Moulay de Saida
Faculté de Technologie
BP 138,
EN-NASR, Saida 20000 Algérie

Email :

Tel. : +213 48 47 39 79

Fax : +213 48 47 39 79


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